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Dental Implants

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We Offer Dental Implants In Puyallup

Dental implants are a permanent way for patients with missing or severely damaged teeth to permanently improve the look, function, and health of their smile. Dr. Mark T. Ngo helps patients regain their long-term oral health through implant dentistry in Puyallup, WA.

What are Dental Implants?

3D render of dental implants

Unlike dentures and bridges, dental implants are permanent additions to a smile. Toreceive dental implants, the first component (a titanium post) is surgically placed into the jaw. During the recovery process, the jaw bone and post fuse together through osseointegration. Once this fusion is complete, the second component, called the abutment, attached to the post to sit above the gumline. Finally, a crown restoration is placed above the abutment, covering the implant and ensuring that restoration fits in naturally with the rest of the patient’s smile.

For patients looking to replace multiple teeth, dental implants can be used with dentures or partials to create a stable restoration. Dental implant treatment is highly successful and helps patients find life-changing solutions to tooth loss.

Dental Implants vs. Traditional Restorations

Failure to replace missing or extracted teeth can significantly affect a patient’s bite, compromising their overall dental function and health. When compared to traditional restorations, dental implants offer a simpler, low-maintenance method of reestablishing your oral health after tooth loss or extraction. Where dentures and bridges may seem like an excellent solution initially, the frequent maintenance costs can quickly turn these treatments into expensive investments.

In contrast, the biocompatible components and surgical placement of dental implants ensures only minimal maintenance and minimal replacement fees. Our single implants are covered with a porcelain crown. Patients receive a highly-durable restoration that can withstand routine wear and tear.

As implants are surgically placed into the jaw, the restoration works to reinforce bone through the fusion process of osseointegration. As a result, patients are left with a highly stabilized restoration that does not rely on surrounding teeth in order to function. Dental implants also ensure versatile care. For patients looking to secure existing restorations, Dr. Ngo recommends using implants to anchor dentures and bridges. With implant-supported dentures and hybrid denture options, patients requiring multiple tooth replacement can enjoy fully secured restorations.

Dental Implants in Puyallup

Receiving consistent care during the dental implant process is the key to a beautiful, fully restored smile. To help his patients receive successful implant-supported restorations, our Puyallup dentist collaborates with specialists to ensure their treatment effectively meets their functional and aesthetic needs. For more information about dental implant restoration, contact our Puyallup dental office today.