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Emergency Dentist in Puyallup - Dr. Mark T. Ngo

Regardless of your age, dental emergencies can happen at any time, to anyone. From tooth infection and tooth loss to gum lacerations, it is important to recognize what constitutes as a dental emergency and how to treat your problem until you can seek professional attention. At the Puyallup dental office of Dr. Mark T. Ngo, we offer comprehensive emergency dental care for all of our patients. 

What is a Dental Emergency?

Often, when individuals hear the word “dental emergency”, the major conditions that come to mind are accidental tooth loss or a tooth fracture. However, even conditions seemingly as minor as a toothache can be indicative of a more serious dental issue.  As a result, a dental emergency can refer to anything as minor as a toothache or as severe as a lost tooth. 

When Should I Visit the Dentist?

If you think you’re experiencing a dental emergency, contact Dr. Ngo to schedule an emergency consultation. Letting emergencies go untreated can make the condition worse and compromise the other, healthy components of your smile. In the meantime, try the following tips to alleviate pain and increase your chances of correcting your dental emergency:

  • Toothache: Rinse your mouth with warm water and gently use dental floss to remove any food that may be trapped between your teeth. 
  • Cracked Tooth: Rinse your mouth with warm water and use cold compresses on the cheek outside your mouth to reduce swelling. If part of the tooth has cracked off, save the pieces and bring them to your appointment. 
  • Partial Tooth Dislodgment: After immediately scheduling an emergency appointment with our Puyallup dentist, apply a cold compress to the outside of the mouth and take an over-the-counter pain reliever. 
  • Tooth Abscess: Often identified by the appearance of a pimple-like swelling on the gums, treating an abscessed tooth requires immediate professional attention. In the meantime, rinse with a mild salt water solution to help alleviate the pain. 
  • Tooth Avulsion: Commonly known as tooth loss, tooth avulsion is another emergency scenario that requires immediate dental attention. Until you can see your Puyallup dentist, try rinsing the tooth then replacing it in its original socket. If the tooth will not fit in its original spot, store it in a small container with milk. Avoid touching the roots as this may diminish the likelihood of being able to save the tooth. 

Treating Dental Emergencies in Puyallup

At Mark T. Ngo, DDS, our Puyallup dental team is committed to helping patients regain their oral health following dental emergencies. In addition to treating your dental condition, our practice also offers a number of restorative treatments to help patients replace damaged teeth, enhancing their oral health, function, and aesthetics. For more information about our dental services, contact our Puyallup dental office today.