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Root Canal Therapy

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Root Canal Therapy

We provide quality dental care in a calm environment. Our dentist, Dr. Mark Ngo, is skilled at performing root canal therapy and restoring the tooth to its full strength. We make the treatment comfortable with a compassionate approach and when requested, sedation options.

Restoring Your Smile’s Integrity

Tooth pain and thermal sensitivity are the two leading symptoms of a deep cavity, one that requires root canal therapy. Some patients, however, are unaware their tooth decay has reached their inner tooth chamber until it’s too late.

When decay-causing bacteria reach the interior structures, they infect the tissue. Commonly called the dental pulp, the material inside teeth includes nerve endings and connective tissues. These go all the way through the root and are tied to the jaw bone. The inter-connected nature of the tooth root is the reason root canal therapy is necessary.

Besides removing the source of discomfort, eliminating the infected tissue protects the whole smile. If the bacteria spread to its foundation, patients require extensive treatment and may lose one or multiple teeth.

A Relaxing Atmosphere with Sedation Options

Our team believes patients should be fully relaxed and comfortable during their visit. Root canal therapy is often perceived as an intense or painful procedure, but we take the time and put in the effort to make it the opposite. Dr. Ngo keeps patients informed throughout the whole process and makes it a point to listen to their concerns or discomfort. From the initial examination to the procedure, we pay attention to our patients’ needs.

We offer nitrous and oral sedation to enhance our patients’ dental experience. Dr. Ngo understands that each patient has unique pain sensitivities and delivers sedation to make treatment easy.

Walking Patients through Root Canal Therapy

Once the site of decay has been appropriately examined and the treatment planned thoroughly, Dr. Ngo and the team methodically work to address the issue. We remove the top portion of the tooth and all decay, then eliminate infected tissue. The canals are filled with anti-bacterial and biocompatible gutta-percha, which also preserves the tooth’s strength. To finish the treatment, a temporary crown is placed. Once the lab makes the final restoration, we attach it and ensure it looks and functions as it should.

Our crowns are made from quality tooth-colored materials. They are designed to function with the same durability as natural teeth while maximizing aesthetics. Dr. Ngo takes the time to match it to the surrounding teeth.

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